Predicting Anomalies Before they Happen Seems Impossible. Until it is not.

Artificial Intuition

The understanding of physics and physical processes and transformations makes it possible to identify precursors of anomalies, not just anomalies. Clearly, there are anomalies which are sudden and which do not produce precursors. In such cases, all one can do is to recognize the existense of the anomaly as quickly as possible and try to limit the damage. However, in anomalies having endogenous origins, i.e. rupture or malfunction due to wear and tear, software malfunctions – often triggered by sensor malfunctions – generally are preceded by events that may be used to forecast an anomaly.

The same may be said of medicine, a field of immense complexity. In a recently published paper, it is shown how QCT – our Quantitative Complexity Theory – can predict the response to a vasovagal syncope. In practice, the QCT can predict, even two minutes ahead of time, when a patient will faint, showing…

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