On Optimization, Determinism, Fragmentation and Models.

Artificial Intuition

The clash between Eastern and Western cultures is also evident in the languages. Oriental languages like Japanese and Chinese are very expressive, and lend themselves to ambiguity in expression. The Western alphabetical-type languages on the other hand, are more schematic and clear. The reason lies of course in the way the alphabet is architectured. Once you lay down a set of rules, and you respect them all along, you eventually run into trouble. Our Western languages are well suited for our black and white logic, for determinism. The books of Democritus (who invented atoms) were destroyed because they were offensive. Against Aristotle and Plato, the inquisitors themselves. Like Plato, who didn’t care much about studying nature, and who preferred to discuss politics, so today, those who engage in optimization of complex numerical entities (models), tend to forget reality and concentrate their efforts on ”ethics” and other forms of generally accepted…

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