Living Monuments

Ecology Viewed from the Right

An earlier version of this essay was published at Counter-Currents Magazine on July 30, 2020. It was written during the worst days of iconoclastic fury precipitated by the George Floyd protests, and repeats verbatim various points made in earlier articles.

My ancestors arrived in the Tidewater region of this continent around 400 years ago, and lived and died almost entirely beneath the Mason-Dixon line. As a Catholic, a Southron, and an Anglo-American, I am filled with sorrow and impotent rage at the sight of my forebears being demonized by those who are so manifestly inferior to them. I can scarcely imagine a more contemptible rabble of untermenschen than the crazed anarchists, academic sophists, and resentmentfueled pawns that have overrun our cities and who presume to cast judgment upon their betters. While I have endeavored to ride the tiger through this dark age, to dispassionately observe our sick counterfeit…

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