“Leftists are Motivated by Self-Interest and Envy, Not Compassion: The Evidence” a rough transcript of a video by Edward Dutton

The Orthosphere

The left wing have a conception of themselves as good, compassionate and kind. They have compassion for the less well-off, who suffer, while conservative people have no compassion.

Findings of Verhulst et al.[1]

What Verhulst et al. found was that being left wing is predicted by being low in agreeableness, low in altruism, low in empathy, i.e., being selfish, low in compassion, and low in conscientiousness – i.e., low in impulse control and rule following, high in neuroticism, mental instability, feeling negative feelings strongly like jealousy and anger, with the feeling that the world is an awful place, and having low self-esteem. Left wingers try to gain self-esteem by claiming to be morally superior and asserting they are left wing in order to seem morally superior.  Neuroticism is associated with the feeling that the world is unfair and wrong.

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