Kill State: WEC Death Threats, Martial Law And What’s Next

Verum Et Inventa

Not for wimps. Topics of discussion include: The World Economic Forum’s Davos event has been cancelled in January, the steps being taken right now by world governments to implement martial law, and speculation on what would happen if the United Nations is given world control if a new variant or other big emergency suddenly pops up. Good info.

Kill The State points the finger at Jews, and he does make good points about why, but in don’t think it’s one major group doing all of this. The Marxist / Zionists do have the most resources at play here, but you can’t forget about the Bank of England, the Vatican or the Freemasons. They all have influence, and they’re all working together to bring their idea of a perfect anti-Christ world into being, but they will turn on each other if and when we let it happen, because that’s what they…

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