It’s Now or Never

Carter Heavy Industries

This goes out to anyone in the service industries, owns a small business, or has had their life and livelihood taken away.

Until 2020 we were very used to living well, very free, we enjoyed our lives. We had all that taken away so fast, and with such orchestrated deception, that it seemed to happen overnight, and falsely led us to believe there is an endpoint in sight if we just go along.
We must stop thinking like a victim-criminal mentality; the victim often thinks ‘oh, I’ll just do whatever the criminal tells me to do and they’ll let me go, and it’ll all be over’.

Understand this; They Don’t Wan’t To Let You Go. Ever.

They want complete control over us, and they don’t EVER want to see things go back to normality. There will ALWAYS be another cluster, another mutation, another outbreak, and of course ever…

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