How many times have Democrats spied on journalists or whistleblowers?


The latest news is that the Biden administration is using the FBI as a weapon to attack independent journalist James O’Keefe, and his team of whistleblowers at Project Veritas. Let’s take a look at the latest story, then I’ll remind you of a few other times when Democrats have tried to silence or intimidate journalists who made them or their secular left allies look bad.

First the latest, as reported by the New York Post:

The FBI and Manhattan federal prosecutors are investigating the case of Ashley Biden’s diary: The president’s daughter says it was stolen in a burglary last year; an obscure right-wing website wound up publishing what it said are pages from it about 10 days before the election.

O’Keefe says someone shopped the diary to his Project Veritas, claiming Biden had left it somewhere. His outfit didn’t use it (in part because it couldn’t verify it), and he…

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