Home and Mountain

Syncretic esoteric

Home and Mountain, a pair of Stone Triline runes, randomly drawn for contemplation.

A mountain is enduring, imposing and often dangerous, offering little shelter.A home by contrast is a place of shelter, and may be temporary (usually months, years or decades at most). A person may have several homes in their life. Home is where the heart is! This suggests a psychic centre. Perhaps the inner world is a kind of home too.

Expanding the above, home is more than just a place of shelter, it’s somewhere with an emotional anchor, a place where our emotional self resides to some extent. In the best case it is a place of comfort, positive familiarity, nurturing and being in control. In the worst case it can be a place of turmoil or even threatening, which can be very complicated or damaging. Some people may not have a home, or feel they…

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