Growing Black Pepper on a Rifle and Pistol Range

ST UnWoke!

The Deputy Commander of the Comando Atlántico, Major Ruiz, had just done one of the dumbest things ever, and all the while he did it, I was watching him and thinking if he got shot, it was going to be one hell of a thing to explain to the authorities. The major was on the comando rifle range holding a target in one hand extended out to his side while one of the troopers was drilling it with 5.56mm rounds from his M-16A1. Sometimes the machismo in Costa Rica was just mind boggling in its recklessness. I was pretty sure that the major was showing off for yours truly, El Gringo Guapo, but what I had witnessed was jaw-dropping stupid. Needless to say, he lost more respect than he gained by that foolishness.

I had been courting the leadership of theComando Atlántico for a few months, and I thought they…

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