Ghost Shirt Arguments

The American Sun

The right falls into the left’s frames with ease. Race issues are an obvious one, as recently Rep. Greene complained about the $450,000 for separated illegals by citing the lack of Democrat movement on reparations for blacks. It is idiocy and admitting the left’s frame of the necessity of any money. On occasion, the right takes angles on their own that can lead their flock astray.

A major one is the issue of gun rights, commonly tagged or described as 2A in reference to the second amendment. Over and over GOP politicians cite the constitutional right to own firearms. This is a legal right all Americans have. They pound the table about this.

Actual action is hit or miss. Lobbyists track the changes, with some states empowering individuals and others using backdoors for restriction. Tennessee passed legislation allowing permit-less concealed carry while equally right wing Indiana has killed similar attempts…

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