Eric Zemmour runs for French presidency: Translation of announcement speech and quotes from a recent interview


I generally try to avoid posting newscycle stuff on this blog but I thought that this one was a much needed whitepill.

  1. Who is Eric Zemmour?
  2. Presidential candidacy announcement speech
  3. Recent Spectator interview
  4. Another famous Zemmour speech, with subtitles
  5. Other content

1. Who is Eric Zemmour?

For those who aren’t familiar, Eric Zemmour is a Right-Wing politician, historian, and columnist in France. He’s been calling out White genocide for decades and has normalized the ‘Great Replacement’ concept in French political discourse. He has numerous convictions for “hate speech” and is well-loved by the French Right-Wing, including the “Far-Right.” He’s now the third most popular candidate for the French presidency.

Zemmour is not a typical “Far-Right” politician. He’s a Sephardic Jewish Berber descended from Algerian immigrants. Some people argue that this is reason enough not to trust him, and he certainly doesn’t have trustworthy physiognomy, to say the least. However, Zemmour…

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