Economic History Case Studies: The 9/11 Origins of Consumer Patriotism, Surveillance Capitalism and Lung Masturbation (2001-2021)

The Fourth Estate

“Let us remember that peace can only reign in hearts that are humble and detached.”

-St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, RSCJ

“Do not look back to the past, nor forward to the future.Claim only the present, for it holds God’s will.”

-St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, RSCJ

My fellow Americans, if there is anything that I genuinely despise, it will always be ignorance. Precious time and energy are at risk of being lost to the waste, fraud and abuse of the thought-stifling, the stubborn, the foolish, the close-minded. These are the kinds of people that I have learned to avoid encountering at all costs in the social interactions in my Catholic high school years as someone who enjoyed having countless different correspondences with different people from all over the world. The most important life lesson that I had realized in those four years is the overriding theme of The Fourth Estate

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