Driving Through The Memory Hole

The American Sun

Events in the coronapocalypse get scrubbed and in extreme cases memory holed. The mask flip flop is a major one. The declarations that the flu was a more dangerous risk is another. It is a marvel to watch in real time. This week Americans watched as a horrific, BLM related massacre was memory holed in plain sight.

The memory hole is a concept from 1984 where the Party installed chutes for any paper or evidence that contradicted the official narrative to be sent. The Waukesha Sunday Afternoon Massacre was the latest to receive the treatment. A black driver ran over dozens of Christmas parade participants, killing several. The delay in describing a suspect was the first tell. Then online observers noted the quick involvement of the FBI in a state matter. There was a reason for it: to craft the cover up. That link accurately predicted what would happen…

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