The Sperg Box

My White Privilege is my ability to be self-employed. I’m not crowd-funded. This allows me to do things like have “microaggressions” with relative impunity. If I roll my eyes and scoff – I do – when I hear “hey, as long as they’re workin’ I don’t care” and somebody takes offence, well, tough titties. I don’t give a shit.

The old adage “what’re they gonna do?” comes to mind.

Some folk should be made uncomfortable. Now I don’t mean you should be brutalising your neighbours, but check facts. Question status quos. When somebody virtue signals and it ain’t necessary, engage them on it. Especially if you’re self employed.

If they hire you, they need you. If they hire you, need you, and air their dogshit opinion, than they can need to hear yours. Don’t like immigration? Let them know. What are they gonna do? I tell you, sometimes they shut…

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