This is the *hypothetical* onset of the deadly racist carbon footprint:

  • A man discovers that human movement emits a shred of carbon into environment.
  • Man walks to his neighbor’s house to knock on the door to tell him of this discovery.
  • Neighbor drives to nearest town hall to inform them of this discovery.
  • Town Hall people begin to spread this information to the zoning board, the school board, the fire & police departments, etc. Their message is spread using electronic and paper (mail, pamphlets, etc) methods.
  • The people running for a political office in this small town ALL declare a position on needing to raise awareness to the domestic extremist carbon footprint. They know the voters in the town are old school. They read their mail. Therefore ALL of the candidates incorporate the supremacist carbon footprint allowance into their mailings of pamphlets to the voters.
  • The message is resonating across the globohomophilanthrocapitalist sphere.
  • Each and every last physical publication still in existence – newspapers, magazines, books – town, city, county, state, country, continent, global – are all yapping about the fascist, Nazi, KKK carbon footprint. Infact, in order to stay relevant, they must capitalize upon the carbon grift .
  • Conferences, award shows, meetings, stage performances, broadcasts, everything all over the place (with many of the speakers/curators/performers flying in on their own jets)…all preaching holy Carbon wokeness.
  • The supranational, globalist machine sees the value of this White Christian American Carbon footprint. Dow Jones 30/Fortune 500/Russell 2000 etc companies all begin baking the grift into their corporate policy.
  • The Union of International Associations, distributes decades of propaganda to their hundreds of thousands of members and the awareness is enhanced within ground level civic, professional, academic, artistic and scientific associations messaging and events.
  • On and on and on it goes.
  • There is no consideration given to…..

The fact that the very messaging of the awareness of the so-called domestic extremist White Constitutional Carbon Footprint is having the very adverse, dangerous, seismic impact on the environment that they are supposedly advocating against.

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