The System Preaches Democracy and Used the Fake Cold War to Push Democracy Yet It Uses Kings For Agendas.


The system has used and uses the King for agendas from the Cold War Kissenger to Faucci > big pharma mass vaccines and anti food and natural remedies > which are far far cheaper or Bill Gates was a junk computers delay the people from seeing the system was a 300 year fraud and covid scare. These guys are not the chasers of skirts or pleasure see Daniel 11 37 to 38. They seem far far smarter than normal since the function is a mass killing and transfer of trillions to an elite while the system claims democracy and rights and nearly all the dictators and Kings smashed by the NATO would usually be a better ruler than the ( democratic puppets and traitors and war criminals > because of operation Gladio and fake Cold War see ” the Corbett Report ” and Korea and Vietnam all our politicians…

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