The Purgative Fantasy: Reflections on Nihilism, Accelerationism, and the Apocalypse

Ecology Viewed from the Right

There is something sinister in the springtime this year. Rather than a serving as a yearly reminder of rebirth and natural beauty, the blooming trees and emergent grasses wear the face of some ancient enemy, awoken from its long slumber. The spreading pestilence makes one long for the dormancy and stasis of winter.

This atmosphere of dread has infected every dimension of our lives. One encounters it in the endless news coverage, the overheard conversations and suspicious glances of coworkers and passersby, the twinge of fear every time someone coughs in our presence. Whether or not this panic is an overreaction only time can tell, but the extreme response is certainly without precedent in recent memory.

While no one seems to believe that this plague will bring about the literal end of mankind, the recent confluence of economic and natural disaster does seem to have pushed people into a more…

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