South Africa Asked Pfizer And Johnson & Johnson to Stop Delivering COVID-19 Jabs Days Before ‘Discovery’ of Omicron Variant

The Most Revolutionary Act

NWO Report


The latest ‘scary’ variant in the COVID-19 saga is named omicron.

Mainstream media is going into fearmongering overdrive, and politicians have taken steps to create a self-manufactured crisis.

Yet, South Africa hasn’t resorted to panic mode following news of the omicron variant.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee noted unusual but mild symptoms in her patients.

South African residents don’t appear to be afraid of the virus either.

The country has a relatively low COVID-19 inoculation rate and built a stockpile of unused COVID-19 jabs.

South Africa’s COVID-19 inoculation campaign came grinding to a halt, and they asked manufacturers to stop sending them additional doses.

However, something strange happened shortly after this exchange between South Africa and the vaccine manufacturers.

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