Avoiding the Thought Police

Founding Questions

Our man Ragnarok can really turn a phrase:

As for metaphorically speaking, I doubt all these caveats will stop some bull dyke from metaphorically attaching those crocodile clips to your metaphorical balls and flipping the metaphorical switch when the time comes.

This is true. There’s no avoiding the Thought Police. I do the “metaphor!” thing for two reasons: Mostly, it just amuses me. But I was also kinda sorta hoping it might keep the more on-the-ball Federal types from giving it a go in the comments — nah, brah, take your five hardcore ‘Murrica-lovin’ patriots who just need one more guy in order to [obvious entrapment] on down the line. It seems that has failed, though, as it only works on the smart ones, and, well…

I think it was the tall one with the high and tight fade who showed up yesterday, but I’m always willing to listen to…

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