Vaccine mandate protests go global - News Precious

No! Your country is not dead. The world is not lost.

Humanity isnotdoomed…!

Our nations are being cleansed and purified. The world is waking up from centuries of deception, and discovering the truth. Humanity is rising against evil, exposing it, and preparing to build a better society.

Clashes, arrests as hundreds protest against Covid mandates in Leipzig (PHOTOS, VIDEO) — RT ...

I say NO! to all the voices that proclaim death, doom, and destruction over our world.

Too many so called ‘freedom fighters’ are in fact mouthpieces of the powers of darkness, constantly proclaiming, declaring, and prophesying their plans to succeed.

Coronavirus: thousands protest in Austria against Covid ...

I rebuke that and say:

There is hope for this world.

Beautiful, glorious and powerful hope.
David Sorensen

An explosion of severe health issues

During the past century humanity has been submitted to the intense crime of ever-increasing toxic vaccinations, that caused an unprecedented prevalence of childhood diseases, and a never seen before the explosion of severe health issues in billions…

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