World Media: Hospitals Closing Due To Vax Tyranny

Verum Et Inventa

Good comments on the Bitchute page.

They created a situation where either choice ends up in the same result. Non-compliance results in them having the narrative of putting the blame on the non-compliant. What people SHOULD try to do. Is keep working, and completely ignore anything they say about the mandate or being fired, up until the point that them removed you physically. to disclose your medical status. And that needs to be the focus, this is about them using your medical status as a way to discriminate who has access to specific rights and resources. – EsbMike

Here is a question. If hospitals are full of unvaxinated COVID patients, why are healthcare workers rejecting the vax? Hint: If the vax actually worked, you couldn’t afford to buy the free jab. – ProTrackrer

I saw two interviews with two different doctors. One doctor said the new variant was like…

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