The tyranny of cultural Marxism: iconoclasm and opinion totalitarianism

Transverse Waves

Cultural Revolution: Totalitarian Censorship and Iconoclasm

Books are being censored or removed from libraries. Monuments are overthrown or desecrated. With the family, the cornerstone of society is dissolved. Everything is falling apart. This is forced by the ideology of cultural Marxism.

Pandora’s box has long been wide open: The culture Marxists are turning the entire society upside down. Everything is called into question: gender, family, tradition, nation, state, society, economy, values, virtues and history.

Societies are divided, groups are incited against each other

Ideologically there is no ultimate goal here, except perhaps total communism. Because the cultural Marxists, those leftists who have turned away from the working class and present themselves as elitist pioneers of the new world, are no longer concerned with the old class struggle of the old left.

Today’s left intellectuals have transformed the “narrative of struggle” from the conflict between the “working class” and the “bourgeoisie”…

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