75 years of CIA and MI6 regime change in Syria – interview with Primo Radical

The Wall Will Fall

Independent journalist Vanessa Beeley guests on the Primo Radical podcast to detail the past 75 years of Western meddling in Syria, and how this has created the current situation in that country.

Published at Off-Guardian also.

They also discuss the divisions on the Left regarding Syria, and how intelligence agencies, the corporate media and big money donors have shaped an imperialist narrative around the country.

Primo Radical is a political podcast focusing on political discussion neglected or ignored in the mainstream. You can watch previous episodes through their site, and subscribe via YouTube, Apple and Spotify.

Cover image: 2008 CIA raid on border town of Al Bukamal mentioned in the article at Off-Guardian – 75 Years and Counting: A History of Western Regime Change in Syria Part 1

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