Social Surveillance


It’s pretty much a foregone conclusion at this point that surveillance of our lives, especially by means of our social media accounts, is a daily happenstance. The measure of these occurrences towards good and useful ends, and those toward the more sinister and intrusive usually are better measured by who is doing the poking around and who is better served.

Most will find it hard to complain about an online and connected experience that better connects us with the goods and services we desire, but even that can get a little creepy. People usually post items on their social media because they want them to be seen. They want them to solicit positive feedback, connections of a mutual or harmonious nature, or simply to be creative and heard in ways that were never possible sans social media. However, when it comes to posting personal information, personal photos, personal successes or…

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2 thoughts on “Social Surveillance

  1. Thanks for the repost on this. That’s a first. And it makes me feel bad that this was just a quick attempt to catch up on some blog posts for my class. Lol. Not my best work, but I appreciate very much the repost!

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