On Covid-19, Multi-morbidity, Causality and Complexity Profiling

Artificial Intuition

Multi-morbidity is a common condition in older age, and can substantially influence individuals’ health and quality of life, making management more difficult. The COVID-19, like other types of influenza, is known to kill mainly old and debilitated individuals, suffering from at least 2 to 3 serious chronic diseases.

In the times of COVID-19, it has become popular to say the following:

If an elderly individual has disease A, and also diseases B and C, and is infected by the COVID-19 virus and dies, the cause of death is COVID-19. Without COVID-19 the individual would have survived hence it is COVID-19 that is the ultimate cause of death. However, if, for example, the individual did not suffer from disease A, he would have survived even though he may have contracted COVID-19. But, because diseases A, B and C are already there, then COVID-19, being the last addition to the list, is

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