Metaphysics and Integral Ecology

Ecology Viewed from the Right

Among those on the Right who address man’s relationship to the rest of the natural world, one finds a variety of approaches. There are the anthropocentric conservationists, who promote the “wise use” or prudent management of natural resources for future generations. There are the Social Darwinist varieties, who view humanity as a purely biological part of nature and subject to its harsh laws. And there are those of a more traditionalist bent who regard the natural as an expression of primordial cosmic order which demands our respect. I’ve taken to calling this third variant “integral ecology,” for this approach to ecology is inseparable from larger questions of metaphysics, human nature, ethics, and politics (1).

It is this third approach to environmental questions that I believe to be truest and the most consistent, and have promoted it as such in my various writings. However, since the connection between traditional metaphysics, the…

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