Introductory: Ecology and the True Right

Ecology Viewed from the Right

While a commitment to ecological integrity has long been a mainstay of the European right, in the United States it is typically regarded as a plank in the progressive political platform, part of its prepackaged offering of open borders, economic redistribution, and amoral individualism. The absence of any broad right-wing consensus on environmental questions in this country is partially due to the fact that our mainstream conservative party, a tense coalition of Protestant fundamentalists and neoliberal oligarchs, has proven unable (or unwilling) to actually conserve most vestiges of traditional society. This includes the purity, wholeness, and integrity of our native land, which constitute a significant part of the American national heritage. Articulating a rightist approach to ecology while exposing its subversion by the political left therefore remains a necessary task, due to its invariably progressive connotations in this country.

Whatever its current-year associations, the natural home of political ecology lies on…

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