Black Fridays Don’t Matter

The Sperg Box

No mostly peaceful bargain shopper on Culturally Enriched Fifthday ever called me a Black Hole.


Stay at home or work if you can. Don’t buy anything. Don’t feed the idea that this commercialistic monstrosity they’d love us to agree and amplify to before passing it on to our children’s generation is worth keeping alive. Start pulling plugs. Without life support, the monster dies. On Black Friday, don’t spend a cent on the trite nonsense pushed in ‘the culture.’ Keep some of what you make, before Shylock demands his pounds. Not a penny. Nor even a ha’penny. If it can be helped.

Defending to any degree the Neoliberal System of control, which these seemingly”innocuous” ‘holidays’ comprise; is like defending the crooked Scoutmaster that abused you by saying that was awhile ago and bygones are bygones. Small steps in a direction have cumulative effects. Cancel Netflix, drop your cable, do not…

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