Philosophers-stone.info – Published 17 October 2021

The simple version:

1. 8 deadly doses until 2024
2. Pandemic ends late 2024 and World Bank funding ends March 2025
3. New Spars Pandemic 2025-2028 from the same people who brought you Event 201
4. Agenda 2030 complete by 2030

32nd Degree Freemason
Joe Biden is a TRAITOR and a COMMUNIST. He is targeting our American Armed Forces with the DEATH JAB. Either they take it or get a COURT MARTIAL. Take a look at what our American Military Troops are saying. GODSPEED

Makes sense. They couldn’t kill us all at once or when a massive amount of people dropped dead, the rest would realize we had nothing to lose and go ham. Also explains why some of the shots have saline crystals in them while others have graphine and other weird shit (allegedly). Boil the frog scenario.

Nothing to see…

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