The Steele Dossier and the End of Shame In American Politics – JONATHAN TURLEY

Additional survival tricks

The famous philosopher and mathematician Blaise
Pascal once declared that “the only shame is to have none.” The problem
with shame is that it requires a sense of guilt over one’s actions. In
the age of rage, there appear fewer and fewer actions that are beyond
the pale for politics. Take Adam Schiff and the Steele dossier. While even the Washington Post has admitted that it got the Russian collusion story wrong in light of the findings of Special Counsel John Durham,
House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, D-Calif., is still
insisting that he was absolutely right to promote the discredited Steele
dossier. Schiff’s interview on NBC’s Meet the Press may be the final proof of the death of shame in American politics.

Schiff was one of the greatest promoters of the Steele dossier
despite access to briefings casting doubt about Steele and the
underlying claims. However, Schiff…

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