Ordo ab Chao: Political Correctness


The right-wing propaganda against political correctness began with the neoconservatives. However, the paleoconservatives introduced a conspiratorial interpretation, exploiting anti-communist paranoia, by drawing attention to the Marxist origins of the Frankfurt School, and characterizing their program not only as an attack on Christian values, but on “white” civilization. The term used in their agenda, “political correctness,” was the predecessor of the more highly charged concept of “Cultural Marxism”—a conspiracy theory which sees the Frankfurt School’s supposed agenda aimed at attacking Western society, using political correctness to enforce the acceptance of feminism, multiculturalism, radical environmentalism and homosexuality.

Debra L. Shultz noted that “throughout the 1970s and 1980s, the New Left, feminists, and progressives… used their term ‘politically correct’ ironically, as a guard against their own orthodoxy in social change efforts.” The underlying assumptions of political correctness evolved from the field of cultural studies, which itself derived from the Frankfurt School’s critical theory…

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