Fall 2021

The Sperg Box

As Fall leaves us with Her dieing gasp for the year, we can feel the skies hollow. Quaint Summer sounds that seemed swallowed in the abyss of active live become torrential echoes. Steel grey skies begin to thwart the baby blue. Green becomes orange, orange becomes brown, and the browning means ever death.

The Cailleach comes down from her perch, as Brigid takes her Sun indoors to hunker down with the larder she’s spent the year preparing. And what a wonderful time she should have, while the rest of us take to the snow to harden our hearts and our hides. Fimbul shakes his fist and Surtur takes the bow. Ragnarøk is the everyman’s Calendar, but take heart, Ginunngagap is coming soon and Midgard will be ours again. Insert your own metaphor, but say what you will, the changing of the seasons is worth a pound of poetry to be…

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