Supreme Court Should End ‘State Secrets’ Shield, by James Bovard | STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

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As it has evolved, the government can invoke the state secrets shield without having to subject the state secret to any kind of judicial review, leading to all sorts of infringements on individual liberties. From James Bovard

Supreme Court Should End ‘State Secrets’ Shield

“State Secrets” is often invoked to give federal agencies a free pass from justice, without having to explain why.

Will federal law enforcement agencies ever be forced to disclose their abuses of American citizens? The Supreme Court could answer that question in its decision on a potentially landmark case it heard last week regarding surveillance of Muslim communities in California. Though the case may be decided on narrow grounds, it involves a legal Pandora’s Box that has spawned and shielded the worst abuses of the post-9/11 era.

Beginning in 2006, the FBI sent Craig Monteilh, a former Drug Enforcement…

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