Quantum Computing is Creeping Closer and Closer

ISYS8621: Digital Transform.

Quantum Computing is a form of computation that leverages the abilities of bits when they are in a quantum state to perform calculations. Classical computing, what we’ve all learned and become accustomed to, has bits that equal either 0 or 1 at any given time. From there, you can combine 8 of them to turn them into a byte, store data through the 0/1, or use AND/OR functions to perform some type of calculations. Quantum Bits (qubits), on the other hand have many more types of abilities (superposition, interference, and entanglement). Superposition allows a qubit to become both 1 and 0 at the same time, and entanglement allows for 2 qubits to be linked so that they match their state at any point in time in any part of the world – Einstein referred to this as “Spooky action at a distance.” Understanding the technology of quantum is extremely challenging…

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