QCM Technology and Next Generation Malware

Artificial Intuition

Malware, malicious software, or a malicious computer worm, is any software intentionally designed to cause damage to a computer, server, client, computer network, or a piece of equipment. An example is Stuxnet, a malicious computer worm first uncovered in 2010 and thought to have been in development since at least 2005. Stuxnet targets supervisory control and data acquisition systems. It is, to all effects, a cyberweapon.

QCM technology can be used to augment conventional malware, expecially when highly complex IT systems, with a large number of components or subsystems are targeted. Malware is typically designed to hit a particular component. However, in cases, such as the one shown below – this is a small example with 60+ components – it may be a good idea to consider a different type of strike.

Highly complex systems, such as networks, or mobile platforms, are rarely in a state of equilibrium or steady…

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