Porting, Optimization and Performance Analysis of QCM system by Ontonix

Artificial Intuition

Stefano Zampini, CINECA SCAI department, Via dei Tizii 7-8, 00161 Rome, Italy

Claudio Arlandini, CINECA SCAI department, Via Sanzio 4, 20090 Segrate, Italy


This paper describes the work done on the Ontonix complexity measurement software. The main activities of the project concerned producing a parallel version of the processing algorithm (based on the Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) method) and testing its applicability to large problems.

1. Introduction

The Ontonix Software Suite consists of a series of modules: first of all OntoNet, a engine capable of measuring the complexity and other metrics such as robustness, resilience of a generic system, where the system is described by N numerical variables. In addition, the Ontonix Software Suite includes other modules with functionalities aimed to support the analysis of the above metrics. The input data processed by OntoNet consist of X tables of data with N columns (variables) and M rows (observations, for…

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