Lighting The Candle

The Tactical Hermit

Lighting The Candle

What is it like to be oppressed in your own land? To be brutally hunted down by incensed attackers, fueled by a constant stream of lies and manipulations by a malicious ruling elite? To have nights of innocence and tradition desecrated by an absolutely barbaric act, which maniacally and gleefully takes the lives of our neighbors, brothers, sisters, wives, husbands, and more? To feel the gut-wrenching loss and eventual anger that comes with a rape of all we hold sacred? To be gaslighted by a powerful media complex, to be told that this attack did not occur out of any deeper animus, despite mass evidence to the contrary?

These questions have never been mere thought experiments. We have all wrestled with answers to these problematics in the past twenty-four hours and for much of our conscious lives. We have all felt the deadening numbness of a crisis…

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