How to Handle Your Leftist Associates


Don’t indulge friends, neighbors, or co-workers who have bought into fake news. If they’re on board with the fiction, don’t argue or try to defend the truth. Simply explain that you don’t deal in fantasy and change the subject. If they won’t let it go, turn away. You’ll never change their perception, but you can save your own sense of reality and salvage your personal peace of mind by opting out. (from

Hanging out with delusional, hateful people probably isn’t the best idea anyway. Develop solitary habits, enjoy pets and nature and ultimately quality people will find their way into your life. It really works.


GoFundMe reverses ban on Kyle Rittenhouse fundraisers, says a headline.

Well, Facebook? Where’s the apology? The compensation? For punishing people over the last year who defended Kyle Rittenhouse by accusing them of “advocating violent, illegal behavior”? Or, like other tyrants, fascists and totalitarians…

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