GLADIO: ‘Pandemic’, Political & Economic Consequences Underneath a False Flagged Health Banner


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  • “…This is the Faction that asked:…“Why did the animals in the original animal studies die?” “What is the confidence level that these substances will not cause long term harm if they have not been subject to long term tests?” You see where I am going with this? And never did I find an answer to even the first question, excepting for the Sputnik-V vaccines and to my astonishment, quite open on Wikipedia.Punitive action, cancellation and complete disdain was and still is shown by Faction One and Faction two against this group because insisting on quality information without hysterics is verboten”

SM:…Couple COVID hysteria with competing geo-political over-lays & full-spectrum economic warfare between both rising & falling power center’s – & what you have is an international shit show of the first order….

Pandemic: Political and economic consequences underneath a false flagged health banner

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