The Erasure of Western History


Remember when you were told that slippery-slope arguments are fallacious?

Such a style of argument became particularly relevant during the last decade, often invoked by the right and ridiculed by the left. A slippery-slope argument was at the core of the 2017 debate over the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, which led to the now infamous ‘Unite-the-Right’ rally at Charlottesville.

The argument made by many on the right was simple: ‘The taking down of Robert E. Lee would lead to the taking down of other statues deemed to be racist.’ What started as the removal of a few Confederate generals will end with the removal of figures such as Washington and Lincoln.

The liberal left largelyderidedthis style of argument, saying at the time that it invoked what they called the slippery-slope fallacy. Just because some statues are coming down over racism, they said, it does…

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