1. The study of reality.

Metaphysics seems to welcome almost all unanswered and seemingly unanswerable philosophical questions.  The problems faced within the field of metaphysics are varied and multiple.  We’re talking questions ranging from AI, time, simulation theory, perception, language, all the way down to ‘what color was the dress’.  If it’s confusing, you can find it in metaphysics.1

One of the oldest and most popular metaphysical problems concerns the concept of identity, as in how can something that changes remain identical to itself.The problem is illustrated by the classic ancient thought problemThe Ship of Theseus.

The ship of Theseus was an old Athenian ship with thirty oars, and as the story goes each time a plank would decay it was replaced with a new timber.Over time each plank and each oar was substituted by a new piece of wood.One by one each part of…

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One thought on “met·a·phys·ics

  1. Metaphysics is often 9/10 times misapplied by people within the lay population, often used in bookstores when categorizing “New-Age” or “Occult” labeled publications which is highly ironic & amusingly so because by definition (The study of reality) would be “Natural Philosophy” (Alchemy as both Philosophy & Technical Craft) which is precisely what Science was known as for hundreds of years & only very recently (historically speaking) was it re-defined as of the 19th century due to the breakdown of Natural Philosophy into various specialized sub-disciplines “Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Metallurgy” etc.

    Hence the Secularized Institutional division gradually was formed between the Esoteric (Study of the Divine) & Exoteric (Study of the Objective material world) as well applied trade fields, Artificers & Natural Philosophers became Engineers & Scientists.

    I once said all great men of Science were also those of Faith (the latter used more loosely to attribute Divine spark), the last generation of men & women who held on to such values are soon to completely die off completely (Our Greatest Generation).

    Know that the polarities have shifted insofar to outward interpretation yet the core essence is unchanged the only thing that is fundamentally different is societal mindset linear (Black & White) thinking vs nuanced Cyclical thinking, not everything derived by Divination nor strictly Alchemical thinking was correct yet neither is the soulless vacuum of Secular Atheistic Progress.

    Not all that which is gold, glitters.

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