In Defense of Tribalism


The Sperg Box

I have mentioned Tribalism and my feelings regarding it in passing in other writings. However, it strikes me that it may behove me to elucidate upon my adherence to this anti-doctrine as opposed to a more developed one. There are many reasons. I will preface all that follows with a notation of my belief that adherence to Tribalism does not preclude one having an apostolate with some other doctrinal belief system, and indeed may enhance the standing of such a one. Irrespective of whether it does, my belief is firm that without Tribalism, one cannot have true communal bonds. The psychological observations behind that statement have been made elsewhere.

First, allow me to make an assertion. Tribalism works because it is encompassed in feeling, which means it is not a high-minded abstraction as many doctrinal arrangements tend to be. Tribalism feeds off of and thrives on Loyalty, or Fealty –…

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