Bringing Blockchain into Real Life: Practical Applications for Disruptive Technology By Daniel Burrus


Just like the Bitcoin boom of late 2017, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and other forms of cryptocurrency are starting to gain constant notoriety in the media. At this point, those who do understand what cryptocurrency is realize the disruptive nature of the concept and how it can upend the banking and financial industry.

I recently wrote an article about how governments around the world are starting to adopt the concept of a digital currency that would replace cash, the United States being one of them, as cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is created by a private entity, extremely volatile, and is similar to gold.

But the disruption from the concept of a digital wallet and cryptocurrency runs far deeper than just money. The technology that powers Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, and eventually the federally issued digital currency, called blockchain, is far more disruptive to many different industries, and yet no one is really paying…

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