The losses at Cannae and Teutoburg forest, which was worse for Rome?

Praetorian History

Roman legions are well renowned today as some of the most premier fighting forces in all of history. The discipline that it takes to fight as such a cohesive unit was unparallel during the supremacy of ancient Rome. What will strike most historians as they look back over the history of the many military triumphs of the Romans is not the times when the Romans won, but instead when they lost. This article will look to highlight two of the most important losses in the history of the Rome, the loss at Cannae and Teutoburg forest, to distinguish which loss carried the most consequences for Rome.

Hannibal Baraca

First, we must establish some context surrounding each of the battles. The loss at Cannae came at a time when Rome was far less dominant than it would become in the next hundred years. The loss occurred in 216 BC and was…

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