Stealing the surface of science

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“Our trials show that when people make contact with light encoded information at a quantum level with the support of … applications they can access optimal states of wholeness.” (text from an actual website trying to sell a magical machine.)

There’s a lot of this sort of thing out there. There’s a sort of illusion of science that the author of the above text is trying to conjure. Trials, quantum, applications, optimal states – it’s a language that is supposed to sound sciencey, to validate something that has nothing whatsoever to do with actual science.

I note a lot of the same approaches come up around conspiracy theories, and anti-vaxx material. Often the sources are trying to debunk actual science while trying to present their pseudo-science as more scientific than actual science done by scientists. It’s a process that depends on an audience who dislike authority and don’t know much…

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4 thoughts on “Stealing the surface of science

      1. I usually try to avoid reading them. Know your enemy, and all that, but it’s like intentionally dipping your head in a bucket of manure. You sure this is good for me?

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      2. It’s a real good question…”is this good for me?”..

        And I appreciate you pointing this out…there is alot of stuff that’s transpired over the last two years and no – this is not good for me.

        The words vaccine, pandemic, virus, mask for instance, I don’t believe I used these words circa 2019 and prior.

        But now, it’s entered my vocabulary and word choice…it’s infiltration in itself, I am drawn to this stuff man…it’s controversy, something about the controversy, I get drawn to it, it’s involuntary…

        I mean this when I say I appreciate someone asking me that, for means of personal development, growth and now being mindful that it’s time to move forward…I have to work on myself…

        Also, it was only recently I came into contact with the Zombie Apocalypse Survival Homestead, you have great stuff on your blog man!! It’s good to share a discussion with you…

        Have a great rest of your weekend sir!


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