Renfield and The November Moon Lunar Eclipse

Dracul Van Helsing

British MP Renfield R. Renfield was doing a Thursday night podcast.

Said Renfield who was in the middle of the podcast, “As of October 8th of this year, most of the population of Gibraltor has been triple vaccinated and since that date cases of Covid-19 have skyrocketed in Gibraltor.
And the Republic of Ireland, after achieving a 93% vaccination rate, has been forced to reintroduce lockdowns because of the resulting huge spike in Covid cases.
And this past Monday the state of Israel (which has the highest rate of vaccine compliance in the world with much of its population triple boostered and even quadruple boostered) reported a whopping 11,000 new cases in just one day.
When one looks at these figures, any intelligent person might conclude that these “vaccines” (which are not really vaccines in the traditional sense of that word but rather experimental genetic serums) are what is responsible…

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