Kitchen Update: Clarke’s Cassandra Coefficient for Economic Planners


The Fourth Estate

Photograph of Richard Alan Clarke and his 2017 book, Warnings.

For those who forgotten how to do basic Algebra or never bothered how to do it by heart, this is an equation with a Coefficient, a Variable and two Constants.

Okay, I spent the past two hours prior to this Blog post designing a proposed metaphysical symbol for Clarke’s Cassandra Coefficient and a proposed Red Flagging Symbol to ensure my Socialist readers are not confused by what Clarke referred to as “Red-Flagging.” Here are the proposed symbols:

My Metaphysical Symbol for “Clarke’s Cassandra Coefficient”

The Symbol at the Center is a Question Mark emblazoned over a Stylized Arrow. Everything is meant to designate:

  1. Independents: “The Warning, the Threat, or Risk in Question.”
  2. Leftists/Rightists: “The Decision Makers or audience who must react.”
  3. Rightists/Leftists: “The Predictor or possible Cassandra.”
  4. Centrists: “The Critics who disparage or reject the Warning.”

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