A Solution Without a Solution

The New Dark Age

16 September, 2021 — John Steppling

Léon Spilliaert 1900 Faun bij maneschijn scaled e1631607383767Léon Spilliaert

“Ultima ratio regum. (The final argument of kings)” — Inscription on french cannons, on order of Louis XIV

“The language of Enlightenment has been hijacked in the name of corporate greed, the police state, a politically compromised science, and a permanent war economy.” — Terry Eagleton (Reason, Faith, and Revolution: Reflections on the God Debate)

“Capital wants a situation where command resides within the subject him- or herself, and within the communicative process. The worker is to be responsible for his or her own control and motivation within the work group without a foreman needing to intervene, and the foreman’s role is redefined into that of a facilitator.” — Maurizzio Lazzarato (Immaterial Labor)

“Autism literally means living in terms of the self. To an observer, a child in a state of autism appears to be self-centred since he…

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