West’s Hypocritical Humbug

Not Something Else

I think it is safe to trot out the ‘Humbug’ word now that we are fast approaching the chief ‘humbug’ season of the year, where all normal activity of ongoing deceit, cheating, lying, and other underhand dealings, are hidden under a thin shroud of merriment and an excess of self-indulgence for a short few days, the net of which annually spreads ever wider in a time window of unwarranted spending of monies not owned, in a vain attempt to make it all seem real, and… kind of… human… and… warm… and, I was going to say, ‘caring’ – but I think that would be going a little too far. If all that ballyhoo is not hypocritical humbuggery or based on the hypocritical humbuggery of times gone by – when people actually at least partly believed in such things – then I do not know what is. I suppose it could…

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