Putin: “NATO broke all dialogue mechanisms and we will react appropriately to military activity near our borders”

The Free

The above is the Main headline in RT Spanish HERE, but doesnt seem to appear in the English speaking Mass Media. Instead there are hundreds of articles on war-mongering anti-Russia threats by the US, Britain, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, etce

So we can present here below exclusively to a billion English speakers the wise words of Vladimir Putin on the imminent World War 3! translated by theFreeOnline (only due to shadow banning nobody hardly will read it.)

None of these threats against the Russian Federation presents anything wrong or illegal Russia has done, only unproven allegations of ‘troop movements’ in Russia itself.

It’s quite okay it seems for the US and its proxies to set up missile bases and constantly have destroyers and nuclear bombers on Russia’s borders..

But if Russia moves troops in its own country.. shock, horror, imminent attack, sanctions, stop NorthStream2, etc.

Are they all suffering Mass…

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